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COVID 19 — PATHWAY TO RECOVERY : Sustainable Energy, Infrastructure and Technology Input Requirements

SELCO over the last two decades has been striving to provide sustainable solutions, to under-served communities, that can enable better delivery of livelihoods, health and education. The primary philosophy being to eradicate poverty permanently an eco-system approach needs to be applied where the poor become asset owners and creators. The crisis SELCO was trying to mitigate was climate change and its effect on the poor communities.

The present crisis of COVID-19 is no different, but just that it has happened
extremely suddenly and has impacted all parts of the society at once. …

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Decentralised Renewable Energy empowering remote communities in the North Eastern Region of India

Much has been written about the COVID-19 health crisis and its socio-economic collateral damage. While the impacts of the economic crisis reach across multiple sectors and stakeholders, they’ve been particularly devastating for a sector that’s often touted as the backbone of the economy — local small and medium enterprises (SMEs). …

As India went into lockdown on 23 March, hospitals and medical workers around the country stepped up their preparations to deal with COVID-19. The virus has presented new challenges to humanity and exposed the gaps in our health infrastructure. But many of the issues it has highlighted are not new: people living in poverty, the organisations supporting them and medical professionals have been raising them for years.

Energy access is a clear example of this. A reliable power supply is vital for hospitals and health facilities to run safely at any time. In a crisis like COVID-19, in which large number of patients need intensive care treatment, access to an uninterrupted energy supply is not a luxury. …

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