How to Choose Diamond Polishing Pad ?

The ultimate way to achieve the perfect shine for your granite concrete marble stone countertops and edges is to use diamond polishing pads. And to select the right diamond polishing pad is most important to get the good finish that you desire for your granite concrete marble stone slab. This also includes getting it at an affordable price. Trust this product to give you the sheen and do not rush to choose any other. Several factors help choose the kind of diamond polishing pad required; the material whether stone or concrete, whether polishing is required on the edges or on the flat surface and the like. According to your requirements, you can choose from wet or dry polishing pads.

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Wet or dry, diamond polishing pads are available from a typical 3-inch pad to 7-inches size. A good one, however, is a 4-inch or 5-inch diamond polishing pad as it is stable on most flat surfaces and covers a proportionate area. While a smaller sized polishing pad is easiest to work with as it can be used in intricate areas because of its small size, a large diameter pad has its own uses. But, it is the 5 inch diamond polishing pads that is known for larger area polishing and is a favourite amongst buyers.

The points to consider while buying diamond polishing pads are:

  • Diamond count: a polishing pad with higher diamond concentration and better quality diamond though costlier is a good buy
  • Pattern knowledge: Choose pads that have narrow channels on it. These are typically used for polishing. Avoid patterns that are coarse.
  • Binder hardness: The binder that binds the diamonds in a polishing pad are equally important as they determine the longevity and performance of the pad. Ceramic binders work better than resin binders as they can withstand high temperature.
  • Know your slab type: While there are many polishing pads that work on all types of stones, yet there are some that are specifically designed to polish a certain kind of stone. Do not mix up.
  • Flexible or rigid pads required: Depending on whether one needs to polish flat surfaces or round shaped edges, polishing pads need to be purchased. A flexible pad is purchased if one needs to polish both types.
  • Kind of polishing: While wet polishing is preferred over dry polishing for its better finish and economical value, yet at times due to the squirmy site that it creates, dry polishing is often taken as the recourse.
  • The Size of polishing pad: Whether a customer chooses a 3-inch pad, 4-inches, 5-inches, 6-inches or 7 inches pad, it all depends on the customer’s requirement as per the given area that he has to polish. While a smaller polishing pad can reach even the intricate areas, larger dimension polishing pads are better on large areas as they can be stable on them.

This offers as a guide to help prospective customers choose the right diamond polishing pads for your countertop. So now when you want to buy a polishing pad, do not be in a hurry to settle for one that is cheap. Use the above information discreetly and invest in a good buy.