Get “FREE” YouTube views , likes and subscribers

Hey there guys, I am a YouTube channel owner known as Examator. I make funny gaming videos and commentaries. It’s been around 1 month since I am doing this and my fanbase is growing slow and steadily. Currently I have ( 158 views, 331 minutes of watch time and 7 subscribers ), and I wanted these to grow more quickly. I was surfing the net and finally I found a website called Growviews. This site just made my life because i can get free views, likes and subscribers for just watching videos. I will explain you how you can also get free likes, views and subscribers.

First you go to this website :

Then you have to link your youtube account with your growviews account which takes seconds, LITERALLY.

After finishing that, you just open the ‘ Get Credit — Auto Player ’ and the site will play videos for you in the background automatically. As the video plays the videos in the background you get credits ( depending on how long the video plays. Like 30s = 1 credit and so on ).

As you can see in the above picture, I have 530 credits and it is still increasing as my auto player is turned on.

Once you think you have enough credits, you can turn those credits for views or likes on a certain video or even get subscribers from those credits. To convert the credits into views/likes there are two things to do. First, is the ‘Minimum Seconds to view or Cost Per Like ’ which for accounts running on free is capped at 90 seconds or 1 minute and 30 secs and likes is capped at 10 Credits for 1 like depending on your priority. You need to have a premium account to get full watch time on the videos. Second, is the ‘Credit To Spend’ , which is the amount of credits you spend to get a certain number of views or likes. This gets lower as the Minimum seconds to watch or the Cost per like goes higher.

To get subscribers you do the same thing as you do for likes. Growviews is absolutely a video marketing site that grows your youtube views by giving you free views on your YoutTube videos, by just playing videos randomly in the background.

I recommend this website to all those who new to making videos on YouTube and want likes, views and subs for free.