Politics… FEH!

The Presidential race is on, people. Might be a more bigger event than WWE’s WrestleMania. Well, I guess just for this year anyways with Donald “Fuck Chicago” Trump.

Tuck Frump

I know this is odd but, the way things are going… I doubt I will vote. Trump is the guy most people like because he’s “saying it like it is” so to speak but, let’s be honest: not someone I think is even fit to be president.

I don’t know much of the other candidates other than Hillary Clinton because Bill was playing the sax and having interns playing his sax. Sanders might be the only “level headed” pick. Rubio seems too good to be true. Cruz just… looks like a ladyboy. Sorry but, he looks like he wears Maybelline at home.
Women do wear Maybelline still, right?

Kissy, kissy!

Maybe I’m ranting without understanding, which would be normal for me but… CONSARN IT ALL DAGGUM IT!

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