The Cofounder Relationship

Often times I see non-technical entrepreneurs thinking of a technical cofounder as a “coder” — someone who just writes computer software that renders an idea into a website or app.

To me, the cofounder relationship is intimate and deep, and it centers around communication, trust and competency. Not much different that other relationships in life, particularly if you think of a “startup” as a new entity being brought and nurtured into the world by its founding parents.

This level of relationship requires much more than coding skills. Some that come to mind are: leadership; team building; business & marketing strategy; technical cleverness; and a deep understanding of focus, execution, measurement and delivery (parts of the lean startup cycle). In addition, the technical cofounder needs to understand how to develop technology that answers the basic questions most startups need to answer: is there a business here, and if so, what type; and what proof / evidence do we have that a scalable business exists.