That thing you love doing — what exactly is it again?

‘Find a job doing the thing you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.’

So says the cliche — or some variant on it — we’ve all come across at one point or other. Perhaps like me, it’s something you’ve given consideration and wondered what it would be like if you were able to follow your dreams. Whatever the limitations of our personal situations, we can all put events in motion that help lead to the desired outcome because whatever else is missing from our own personal equation, we all know *what* that thing we love doing most is. I mean, if I asked you to name that thing right now you could do it, couldn’t you?

I don’t find it particularly difficult to name the things I love doing. If I was asked what I most wanted to do, I’d choose writing, closely followed by all sorts of IT and admin-y stuff, followed by admiring and collecting lots of fabulous shoes. Okay, the third one is a bit shallow and embarrassing but then so much of life is too. Perhaps then I could make some money selling some of my sizeable shoe collection while I’m trying to create a writer portfolio and the ability to acquire clients? In all honesty, I’ll most likely need some kind of job to carry that.

So that’s my master plan (very) roughly sketched out. Which means it’s probably time to look for advice on things like how to survive while attempting to start a business; legal and tax issues; marketing and publicity and just any general hints and tips to make the journey less painful. It’s also probably a good time to subscribe to appropriate journals, websites, blogs and social media connected to my area of interest or expertise.

It is while you are busy doing this you may come across a group of people — lets call them webinarians for the sake of argument — who will offer you some sort of help and advice (usually around marketing or SEO) to help you achieve the life that they, as successful webtreupeneurs, are living right now by doing the thing they love!

That’s great — somebody like you, or me, who is interested in doing the thing they love for a living might think. We might decide to tune into their webinar because we really could do with a five-step plan to help market our services effectively. Somebody like you, or me, who is already interested in online marketing will probably understand that by checking the box on the landing page for their webinar we’re subscribing to an email list. That’s still fine. People are looking for a service that offers them something relatively useful and/or worthwhile — they don’t want to be wasting their time. We want authenticity not cliches (see below)

Hi, I’m ______________

You may have seen me on ____ talking about how successful I’ve been doing the things I love.

If you follow my 7-step marketing and sales funnel, you too can be as successful doing what you love, as I am right now. Remember to follow me on blah, blah.

After falling into the trap of watching a couple of these webinars, it became clear that these people before me who were blethering non-stop about doing the things they love, never once mentioned what that thing actually was. Could these successful webtrepreneurs really be (gasp!) mere faceless salespeople, preying on the unfulfilled dreams of others?

Maybe I’m being overly harsh, but I’m inclined to believe that people who are doing the thing they love will mention it by name at least once or twice in their conversational blurb. But there doesn’t even seem to be any pretense here and no such thing ever happens.
Besides, doing webinars and selling courses isn’t doing the thing you love — it’s a by-product or an offshoot of that thing but it isn’t what inspired or motivated you to create your course or e-book or vlog in the first place. What was that thing? That’s what we would all like to know. Without that the story doesn’t work because it isn’t complete. It’s missing an essential ingredient — the ‘what’ factor. So, webinarians please take note; you will never capture the imagination of the genuine dream chasers. How, after all, can you help us realise our own dreams when you don’t appear able to remember your own?



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