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Phone: 1–800–631–8375, 1–800–248–2067

Fax: 1–800–888–3315, proudly announce the launch of its Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits.

Bogota New Jersey, March 20 — an outlet of Outwater plastics and architectural products proudly announce the introduction of its new steel sliding barn door hardware components to the architectural market in New Jersey. Outwater industries was established with the mandate to provide to small and medium sized furniture and cabinet manufacturers with a dependable source of purchase of plastic extrusions and other architectural products.

Over the years, the company has lived up to its expectations by provision of the state of the art furniture, cabinet and architectural products through its well-positioned locations as well as well-trained and professional customer services representatives both in New Jersey and Arizona.

The company through its outlet today announces the launch of its new steel Sliding Barn Door Hardware Components. This component is a high end hardware made for USA. A 16 inch wall stud not like the imported barn door hardware that is 1/2 (half a meter) 19.5 inches which does not line up with USA construction. The kit holds heavy doors 260lbs, and is very smooth with silent roller movement. It is inexpensive and made for single & double wood as well as glass doors.

The Sliding Barn Door Hardware Components are designed to be mounted by do it yourselfers (DIY) without any difficulty in order to perfectly maximize the amount of usable space in any room. The Sliding Barn Door Hardware components accurately combine superior quality and solid engineering base with outstanding performance to bring about an unparalleled architectural product.

The Rolling Barn Door Hardware Kits can hold even the heaviest doors with ease, and are designed and made to ensure years of hitch free do it yourself operation.
 Packaged in a powder coated matte or stainless steel finishes, the Barn Door Slider Kits contains solid steel or reinforced 304 stainless steel components that deliver to the user a true sense of ample quality and weight unmatched by the competitors’ products, which certainly validates clients appreciation of the level of hard work and resources used in their construction.

What are you waiting for? The time for action is now as the kits are made for do it yourselfers, so you do not need to consult any technician. For effective and efficient service and unwavering and lasting value, contact us for the Barn Door Slider Kits.

For order or further information contact us @ 1–800–631–8375 or 1–800–248–2067.


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