I Built a Speed-Listening App
Max Deutsch

Congratulations on your app even if I was disappointed buying it. 😔

Below you’ll read a part of my review on the AppStore.

You would very gladly change it if you could add a “reduce speed possibility”.

“This product presentation on the AppStore lacks of so much information that I’ll ask a refund.

1- The assistance link send us to the product website where the only action possible is to download the app or Medium. No support or contact possibility.

I was looking for an app offering speed control “in both way” speed up/down. As a friend of mine pointed : when listening to an audiobook in a foreign language we sometimes need to SLOW the audio playback.

Rightspeed only accelerate playback.

But it’s description doesn’t explain that. No way to ask about it. No way to write in the AppStore if you don’t buy the app.

So I bought it to discover that it’s not what I want.

Without a way to contact the developer I’m hoping they’ll reach out to me.

Btw Apple shouldn’t let support links to be blank or inadequate.”