Are we tired of Superhero movies? A burnout

I remember as a child when Sam Raimi’s Spiderman hit the theaters. It was a big deal of seeing your favourite superhero in a big budget movie. Spiderman really looked like Spider-man from the comics. Silly, yet familiar. There was the X-Men movie previously but i didn’t fancy it as much as the costumes in the movie were not even close to their comic book counterparts. It bummed me so much that i couldn’t appreciate what that movie did for the time. Oh, also there were the Batman movies, but after the Tim Burton’s original one, others seemed really silly until the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Spider-man(2002) distributed by Columbia Pictures

Many others came after Spider-man to capture the success of our friendly neighbourhood, but most weren’t that great. Back in the day these movies weren’t grounded in reality at all, even if they are comic book movies. I couldn’t really make sense of Daredevil falling from buildings to the ground and not hurt himself. Most of these movies were seen as silly blockbusters without any depth to them. But in 2008, everything changed.

When the Dark Knight came out, everybody lost their minds over how good this movie was. It wasn’t just gimmicky costumes with silly catchphrases, it was a good movie by itself. Heath Ledger’s Joker is still one of the most iconic character portrayals of all time. Directors at that point realised that superhero movies had to stand on their own as good stories, not just an adaptation of characters from silly plots. Honestly, the earliest comics of many superheroes are too cheezy.

In the year after, the first Iron Man movie really set the standards of combining funny dialogue with a great plot. It laid the groundwork for all the other Marvel movies came after it. Marvel continued to pump out movie after movie setting up a universe of interesting characters. I do believe they are getting better every year, but there was something I had to confess after seeing the Ant-man and the Wasp. I wasn’t enjoying them as much as I did back in the day. I did not understand why that was. Spider-man Homecoming as a movie is much better than the Sam Raimi’s movies as the critics would say. I think I would agree too, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much I did the latter. Excitement is a big part of why I go to see the movies, and I believe as a society we have lost our excitement to see superhero movies. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Just because they do so well at the box office, studios should not put all of their efforts into making superhero movies and setting up universes. We need new ideas for movies, different setups, different plots. Hell, we have three big superhero universes already; Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe and X-men Cinematic Universe. I think we need a break from all of them and focus our attention on more innovative movies. Maybe after a break, we could turn back to the superhero format and continue enjoying them for what they are.