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David Kadavy

Hey, David!

I used to deal with this problem myself, not on my phone — I’m “not that mobile” — but, instead, on my PC. I had perfectly crafted a set of Bookmarks, on the Bookmarks toolbar, or whatever it’s called, that I woud constantly (middle-)click then to open in new tabs. Two of them were “time-eater” websites with random funny videos from all over the world; some of them were collections of funny pictures (mostly of cats and animals).

I made a conscious effort not to click on them every five mintues or so, but that proved to be unhelpful, soon after.

One day I decided to remove them from the toolbar, thinking that if they’re not there, in plain sight, I might not click on them, but — sadly, in this case — I’m a fast typer and I would quickly type the first two–three letters of the website’s names and in ten seconds I would end up in the same situations.

A drastic measure was needed… and I found it! I logged into my router and added the website on a “blacklist”, blocking them completely. No computer, phone or tablet in the house would be able to connect to them. “Take that!”, I would say pointing at the screen.

It worked… I know it’s silly, but sometimes you really have to design things around you to force yourself to live a better, more productive life.

Thank you for posting!


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