More ‘Delay and Pray it goes Away’ tactics and when it doesn’t work repeat. Green light for all to climb aboard.

Grandma Yellen is a tired and true Democrap with one agenda…Get Hilllary elected, even it causes a total economic collapse for the working class.

Also rallying…….the $19,214,929,969,878.51+ US debt

She will do everything to get a Democrat in the White House.

Bottom line:

Dear American Public,

We have borrowed trillions, created asset bubbles, and totally destroyed a free-market economy’s price discovery mechanism. In other words, we are screwed.

As you may not have noticed, hundreds of useless technology, solar, and biotech company founders have benefited (cashed billions) from our senseless policies. On the journey, we have stolen from savers, seniors, pension funds, and long-term investors. It has now become a habit and we will continue to steal.

Please accept my lies and always trust that our Great Leader is there to lead us to oblivion.

Yours always democrap lying Fed Chairwoman,

Janet Yellen


market can remain irrational longer than YOU can remain solvent..wait for the signals, market is available your whole life.

KPL will keep you in the loop standbye