What Silicon Valley’s Response to Trump’s Policy Really Indicates

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The snow flakes at Lalaland that live in heavily guarded fortresses and are surrounded by massive walls around their private spaces and lives are speaking out against Donald Trump’s ban! 
 Disgraceful and condescending considering what they pay these immigrants and how dependent they happen to be on them.

Honestly…. the entire tech industry needs to be:

A- regulated and or censored for terror and overall communication which WAS once proprietary to the military ONLY.

B- this bubble needs to pop! People must start to realize that under a Trump administration these stock prices and P/E ratios are unsustainable (new net neutrality laws) prices happen to really be in the “cloud”.

C- internet companies are priced at “the story they sell” rather than factual earnings.

D- extremely overrated saturated industry that has PEAKED.