2 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Motivation

When I first started our social enterprise coffee shop it was a huge learning curve for me. I mean, not only was I learning how to be a barista, but everything else too.

Actually, Amanda was the one who did the internship and learned everything while I stayed at my job so we could pay the bills. So, once I left my full-time job, Amanda and I were responsible. Responsible to market the biz, make the products, train and manage the staff, and do it all. Not to mention all the paperwork and tax stuff that to this day I am still clueless on what it all means.

Overflow Coffee Bar on 16th and State in Chicago

But we learned we have to figure it out if we want to make it. We had to pretend me knew what we were doing even if we had no clue.

Then you get the mean reviewers who really have no idea what we’re doing but think they know everything. I would think to myself, “I would love to do [insert what nasty review thinks I should do] if I had the money and time.” We often felt so inadequate especially when people compare us to a grocery store and want us to have all the same offerings at the same price.

So how did we make it? Why are we still here after 6 years? I often say the first 5 years were the longest 5 years of my life.

Here’s the #1 secret: We knew that we knew that we knew that this was what we were supposed to do.

There were so many times we could have given up, quit, thrown in the towel, however you want to say it. But we didn’t because we had this sense of destiny and greater purpose behind what we were doing.

Here’s the #2 secret: Coaching.

We had coaches who helped us figure out some of the challenges we were facing. Those coaches were people who believed in us even when we didn’t believe in ourselves.

Now that it has been 6 years, I feel confident that I know how to run our biz. Maybe not all the paperwork and tax stuff, but that’s why a team is so important. I feel like we have learned so much in a world that frankly is not very forgiving or easy on small business. We have gone through the ropes and have our scars to prove it.

So now, we’re paying it forward

We recently became coaches ourselves. Why coaching? Why now? What do we hope to accomplish?

My hope is to now help others in the fight! People who are dreamers like us and think they can make a difference. My hope is to now be an encouragement to them even when the reviewers and naysayers try and make us feel small. As we grow Overflow Your Possibility, we want to encourage social entrepreneurs. We want to stand alongside our fellow business activists! We want to help empower them to change the world. We want to develop a community of people who want to make the world a better place. The question I have is: “Are you that person?”

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