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Technology Lead at @IMPACTdigitaldk

Lighthouse by Google has become increasingly more popular in recent years — even to the point where companies start seeing measurable increase in profit when their performance is improved.

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Some colleagues and I thought to ourselves — why not have a way for our developers to see how their projects…

Toying around with Angular Universal (server-side rendering or SSR for short) with the latest projects at IMPACT-Developers taught us a lot of things. This article focuses mainly on Angular 8+, and has been tested with versions 8 through 10, but the techniques used should work for other versions as well.

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Angular Universal

First things first: Why Angular Universal?

Working with Observables from RxJS in Angular is really great, and it is also the default return type of built-in Angular services, like the HttpClient for instance, but how do you remove them from memory once they are done?

TLDR; at the bottom!

One thing to note when using Observables/Promises…

This article will be discussing some best practices to ensure maximum performance for AngularJS (1.x). We will be going over the basics of optimizing your AngularJS templates (and some tips about animations) to gain all the possible quick wins, like reducing memory and CPU time by reducing the amount of…

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