Overleague “Unique Car” $1,000,000 USDT Event Guidelines

Overleague Metaverse
4 min readMay 24, 2022

“Craft a Unique Car” is an event of “Overleague Car for the Metaverse” with the total prize pool of $1,000,000 USDT. During this, NFT holders are rewarded USDT & NFT for crafting a completely UNIQUE car.

Get an overview before you go into details:

  • Overleague’s NFT Box is called Genesis Kubik containing NFT parts with 4 levels of rarity: Common (50%), Rare (30%), Epic (18%), Legendary (2%)
  • The car is crafted frđom 4 NFT Parts: Wheel, Body, Engine, Rear
  • Only unique cars can claim rewards. In addition, you will be able to mint an NFT version of it on Ethereum

Step-by-Step Guidelines:

A. Craft

Unique Car is only eligible if being crafted from 4 NFT Parts. The car is deemed ineligible if:
* One part has been claimed before (i.e. belongs to a claimed car)
* The part is default or non-NFT

B. Check Unique Car

After crafting, the system will check the crafted car, if that combination hasn’t claimed a reward from our system, it is thus a unique car.

Note: Once claimed, instances of the same combination are not eligible for reward anymore.

C. Claim Reward

Players can receive rewards whenever they own a Unique Car if others have not claimed that combination. Automatic awarding through Smart contract, players need to link their accounts with crypto wallets to claim rewards.
Vehicle Parts with different Rarity will have different rewards.

D. Lock Reward

After the claim is rewarded, all 4 NFT Parts in the car will no longer be able to claim the reward. Players can still trade on the game’s “Marketplace” or other supported exchanges.

E. NFT Ethereum

Players in addition to the USDT reward will have 1 NFT attached to the Ethereum chain. This NFT the player will receive at the Website Event, this NFT is a picture corresponding to the car combination that the player has received. Only successful winners can claim this NFT bonus. Check your Inventory.

How to Craft Your Car?

To be able to own items to craft your car, you need to own Genesis Kubik or buy the items you need on Marketplace (click here)

Detailed information about Genesis Kubik (click here)

How to buy Genesis Kubik (click here)

How to open Genesis Kubik (click here)

And here are the steps to craft your Car

👉Log in to the game, at the main interface, click World Map

👉Then click Factory

👉Cars that are ready to craft will have an icon like this.

👉Select the items of the car parts you want

Here’s the rule: Body and Rear must come from the same brand, while you can choose any Wheels and Engines.

👉Recheck your car information. If you are satisfied, click Craft Now

👉And your car is ready to Claim

You can check out more detailed video instructions here:

How to claim the reward for Unique Car?

✨What’s better than when you finish building a complete car and receive a corresponding reward with a value can be up to 527$

👉 Check out our step-by-step tutorial so you can claim your rewards when you build the Unique Car.

Step 1: Do you need to check if your car is a Unique Car or not?

  • This car Maybe Unique Car: ✅
  • This car IS NOT Unique Car: ❌

Step 2: You need to Craft the car after you have completed the test step.

Step 3: You click on Craft Unique Cars as show below.

Step 4: Click “Claim” to earn the reward.

Step 5: Congratulation! You got Rewards.

Note: You need to “Claim” the Unique Car reward right after Crafting the car, if another player “Claim” before you then you will lose your reward because each combination can only receive the reward once.

👉Watch detailed instructions from our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pp95YEOTCc