Feb 6, 2019 · 3 min read

Life at OverOps: Five Questions with Gavin Cummings, Customer Success Manager

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Gavin Cummings is a Customer Success Manager here at OverOps, based out of our San Francisco HQ. Gavin joined us in August 2018 and brings with him a maniacal focus on the success of our customers.

Tell me about your path to OverOps. What excited you about OverOps and prompted you to join our team?

I took the scenic route to OverOps. By that I mean my career has taken me through many industries and varied experiences. I started in the Air Force working on aircrafts and learning about structure, compliance, and the importance of people to a mission. I learned how the right process and practice will change an organization. I spent some time in the Data Center industry and a short stint in HR which all proved to me that you need to do more than just find the right technology, you need to use it rightly also. This grew my passion for Customer Success

After speaking with Eric and discovering that we were dramatically aligned in our view of customers and how to make them successful, I knew I had to come and join the team at OverOps. Not only does our software move the DevOps community forward, but our team is very committed to seeing that it is used well, and the customers excel in its use.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I seem to be on the phone or in front of customers quite a bit. Our leadership team believes very strongly that our customers are taken care of, and we need to invest the time in the relationships and learning from them. My task is to make them successful. Given these 2 things, my days are dominated by speaking with customers about customers.

What’s an interesting problem you’ve seen our customers solve with OverOps?

I like to see our customers get proactive in addressing technical problems in their applications. Once they’ve got the software installed and they see what kind of amazing context it provides, it’s fun to watch them solve long standing problems, and then turn it on its head to identify these issues before they ever become a threat. You see the wheels start turning, and they can start feeling much better about the work their whole team does.

What is your favorite part about working at OverOps?

The people. We’ve got a group of committed professionals who work very hard. Every one of them is committed to OUR success. Everyone is competent and everyone is driving for OverOps to win. The team focus means no one is left out on their own. OverOps does a very good job of making sure we are building the team, and coaching is available to enable us to keep up with what we need to do.

When you’re not at OverOps, you can usually be found doing…

I’m spending time with the family, I’ve got 4 kids, so my wife and I stay busy on that front. We’re either out on some outing or playing games at home. I’m also a foodie, so I’ll be cooking something I thought looked tasty or smoking some meat on the weekends. I’m also very active in our church and community so I spend a lot of time teaching and meeting with younger guys and helping them to think through decisions and succeed at their goals.

Written by Brittany Presta, People + Talent Manager at OverOps.

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