Major trends in news business part 1: changing what news really are

A lot of news we consume today would not even be consider news (or would not exist at all ) some 20 years ago. Not only our very definition of what “news” are is changing, but significantly more people are staring to consume this. Current situation is much more complex then “same news, just on-line and for free”.

Here are some major points:

  • Un-bundling lifestyle/self definition from news consumption. Choice of newspaper used to tell a lot about your political views, music preferences and such. What’s even more important, you have to select an outlet you trust to filter all the relevant information and deliver it to you.

Now, you make those choices more frequently and on much smaller scale (which headline to click, what website to visit, what page to like, etc ).

  • Passive consumption: what used to be consumed as rumors now consumed as “news” in a more formalized manner (some time you used to spend gossiping with colleagues you spend online consuming “news” )
  • Un-bundling news (updates) from commentary/analyzing/opinion: Now, you can just follow updates vs asking someone to digest it for you. Twitter is a really great tool here, and apps like Circa were trying to explore that direction more
  • Un-bundling pieces of content: you do not have to buy entire paper, just read individual articles. So the actual decision making moved a level down (“I gonna buy The Economist and read it all” vs “I read that piece from The Economist and those 2 from the Guardian”
  • Rise of “civilian journalism”, blogging, twitter/youtube: much more content which is not “professional” but still appealing to many readers.