Check-list for Reading Contemporary European Election Results

We really should start thinking of compiling a check-list for the reading of new election results in Europe; elections that are bringing us one breakthrough after another for far right political parties.

“Your system is infected with three viruses.”

Oh, Yeah. The Russians are coming... We could start there. I mean, another far-right party is going to be in a Europlean government. Where are the fingerprints and why are they always so tardy.

So next, the three networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Show me the money; or the data; or #$*ing something! Then that guy from Texas who did the AfD in Germany. Then Cambridge Analytica. You’ll need a complete platoon to nail down all these jerks.

“We are closer than ever to 1930s-style totalitarianism: Atwood”

How come she looks so happy in the photo, they ask, as though Margaret Atwood’s grin should be interpreted as we once reviewed the Monalisa, of the viewing stand at the Kremlin for clues to the forthcoming beginning, or the end of the world. As the horizon darkens, do the coins in her pocket shine brighter…

The Banks. Where are they based and how much did they give, er, lend. What could possibly be the collateral these parties offered? Then all the rest of those appearing from the dark side of the web pumping ads, or pages. Data is money in this space. You could spend a furtune before you bought any ads, just by spending on the data. With the right reduced universe of voters and influencers, it’s like a little city council campaign of very reduced numbers, but have an outsized impact. It’s likely you’d have to spend far more on the platoon of investigtive reports required to report these stories, than the money and time the FSB spent on the deployment of their active measure. So what’s the trajectory of this asymmetrical orbit. This is similar to the asymmetry of a 1980’s electoral political campaign with, or without computerized direct mail. It was determinant.

All these points are showing a trend. Brexit. AfD. Catalonia. Austria. This seems sequential, but is this all going on at once. So what’s next…?

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