26 Questions, 1 : What are my strengths?

I suppose strengths in a personality ought to be traits one deems as positive or desirable in oneself. They’re often determined by our background and upbringing and something that is classified as a strength by one could be deemed a weakness by another. Strengths could be personal or professional although I’m mostly looking to find the ones that belong to the former.

A Intro to Psychology class in school provided me with some clues. I am a Myers Briggs INTP type personality, which stands for Introverted seNsing Thinking Perceiving. While this provides a basic guideline as to what my personality could generally be I’m choosing not to list my traits from this quadrant.

Chief among my strengths is my creativity. I believe I have a reasonably logical mind which is peppered with a love for aesthetics and that tends to result in fairly original and well considered outcomes. I am open-minded in my outlook of what the world should be and is and in most cases I exercise a live and let live philosophy. I exercise judgement in daily situations, constantly debating merits and failures of my choices. I believe I am kind and considerate to those I care for barring emotional sensitivity and support. I am fairly generous which mostly lends itself from being financially capable. I can adapt quite easily to new situations and people, within reason. I am emotionally independent. I tend to be quite decisive and appear to be emotionally removed about doing even though I attempt to factor in emotional measures into my decisions. I am logical in most scenarios, not to Spock’s extent but mostly in making choices based on the facts presented. I tend to be methodical in my approach to most situations. I remain calm under pressure, looking to find a solution instead of appearing like a deer-in-headlights. I tend to be reasonably organized. I am flexible to other people, again within reason. I definitely consider myself quite resourceful. I tend to be very formal and polite in my interactions with most people when I do choose to interact. I am consumed by aesthetics and symmetry. I tend to be enthusiastic and persuasive about ideas and people that I care about.

There might well be a few that I’m missing but after forty five minutes of pondering this is what I think are my primary strengths.