Preparing for war — how was 2019 and a glimpse of the future

2019 was a great year for BlueWallet. Although it is a new wallet and still in its infancy, we did get some some media coverage, we did get some recognition from industry experts and we did get some users to remind us how much we suck and how much better it can still be. All that, working on the project on our free time in a pure open source fashion.

This year blew away our wildest expectations on what we thought we could achieve. To give you…

In the latest release of BlueWallet (v3.6.0) for Android & iOS we added a Lapp Browser. Similar to Dapp Browser, Lapp Browser allows you to interact with Lightning-powered apps with less friction.

With the release of LndHub, completely open source pluggable backend for mobile wallets.

BlueWallet has just released support for the Lightning Network. Being a 2nd layer scaling solution, Lightning promises low-fees and instant payments. But as a drawback brings a lot of complexities and unfamiliarities to unsuspecting users.

Completely aligned with Bitcoin’s “be your own bank” for sovereign individuals, Lightning requires users to run their own Lightning nodes (besides their own Bitcoin node), open and manage state channels with other nodes (this is what makes a network), maintain liquidity (both incoming and outgoing) in channels, and basically, do a hard ‘node operator’ work. This is the cost of independence from financial institutions.


In this article we will study what is Replace-By-Fee transactions and how to use them. Surprise, with RBF you can try to do doublespends!

Imagine situation when Alice sends coins to Bob. She creates and signs the transaction, and broadcasts it to the network for confirmation. Unfortunately, the transaction hangs unconfirmed for a long time, as it has low fee (or an ok fee under other circumstances, but at this point of time unconfirmed transactions queue is too big and miners prefer transactions with higher fees). What can Alice do? Her options: a) wait for a confirmation (might take a…

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