Bitcoin Replace-By-Fee guide: fix stuck transactions, do doublespends

Enable RBF in Electrum wallet
"inputs": [
"addresses": [ "...." ],
"output_index": 0,
"output_value": 1010000,
"prev_hash": "...",
"script": "...",
"sequence": 0

Now let’s try to do an RBF with doublespend.

Construct transaction
Sign transaction
Broadcast transaction
Unconfirmed transaction!
Constructing RBF transaction
Sign transaction
Broadcast transaction
Unconfirmed transactions! Smells like doublespend
Confirmed RBF transaction

A few words about security and doublespends

  • Not all nodes will agree to relay the new tx version, referring to mempool-conflict
  • Some nodes will accept this transaction
  • Websites like will basically scream that this is a DOUBLE SPEND
  • Not all pools will mine this new transaction, as it is a doublespend. Some pools will mine it, but it might take more time (comparing to when all pools mine your transaction)
  • If new transaction is finally included in block — this is absolutely legit and does not contradict to consensus rules. If someone got scammed this way — there’s no place he can complain about it.






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Igor Korsakov

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