The Essential Guide to Building Balanced Development Teams
Eric Elliott

Absolutely spot on guide. I am part of a team that encourages 1–on-1 weekly meetings, code reviews an constant collaboration between senior and junior members of the team.

It is incredibly important to make your developers feel valued as well in terms of their own work by attributing ownership and merits for completed project tasks. This makes an individual developer feel valued as well as an asset of the team.

However, depending on the level of experience, some developers will believe that the amount of tickets closed in the short term will contribute more to the progress of having work done. This “belief” might (or surely) come from our current start-up business model, where an MVP is top priority; leaving testing, refactoring and (sometimes) helping the team grow as a whole on second place.

Every developer in the team must definitely learn and understand, in time through experience, higher level processes and cultures revolving around “closing tickets”.

Thank you for an incredible guide.