No More Business as Usual.

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The Coronavirus crisis is first and foremost a humanitarian crisis.

We’ve discussed this in our article about How Coronavirus Changes Social Media [In Terms Of Strategy And Messaging]. This article is not about that. It’s about how the marketing and business landscape will be affected by it.

It’s only a matter of time until the turmoil caused by Coronavirus (or COVID-19 to be more precise) in the financial market also cascades into the real economy. In some sectors or parts of the world it already has.

With consumers in social isolation and unpredictable demands on the rise, only one thing is certain: this is not the time for hesitation or passivity.

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Change is imminent, we know that. Yet when it happens, and especially when it’s an abrupt change, it can sometimes find us off guard.

You may think that Coronavirus (or COVID-19 to be more precise) is the worst change we’re experiencing in years, and you would be right. People all over the globe struggle and feel hopeless.

The governments globally are trying to come up with strategies, businesses are trying to discover where to go from here, employees all over the world wondering if they’ll still have a job tomorrow, individuals struggling to keep their sanity. …

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We’re dealing with a humanitarian crisis like none that we’ve seen in current times.

Coronavirus is killing people. Though I’m happy to see that most businesses and governments around the world are waking up and understanding that this is a global threat that must be stopped now by taking decisive and urgent measures. So, I have hope.

Coronavirus is killing businesses. Though some governments have already promised to help fight that, businesses help each other, and business owners work hard to fight this. So, we’ll get through this!

Coronavirus is killing your business priorities. And they are dead. Or maybe they should be dead as priorities are clearly changing and there’s nothing you can or should do about it. …


Ovi Negrean

Co-founder & CEO @ ScocialBee 👉 I write about Entrepreneurship, the Alternative Startup Methodology 🚀, and building www.SocialBee.io 🐝

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