Golf’s 18 holes reflects life

I went out on a easy 5.85 mile run this morning with my running group. The “easy” runs are those where we aren’t trying to beat time. There are always very interesting and rich conversations on the easy runs. My friend Kobby said something that struck me and I thought to share.

We were talking about how he played a lot of golf over the holidays and he said (I paraphrase)

The 18 holes of golf reflect life. If you screw up on one hole you need to pick yourself back up and try again on the next hole. Each hole is its own challenge. I’m not saying you get 18 tries in life but you do get to try again and again.

I think he is spot on — golf, and life, is a mental challenge. You will screw up at some point but the key is to acknowledge it, apologize if needed, and pick yourself up to try again — or as the USC Trojans say, to FIGHT ON!

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