The first test on my journey to 26.2188 miles

Today I had my first test on my journey to run 26.2188 miles. I had to run 11.25miles. I had a good week of training even though I skipped my 4.5mile easy run on Thursday. Today was NOT easy at all.

I ran the first 3 miles the way I had planned. Start with 10.30min/mile then slowly build up pace. My plan was to run the 4th mile at around 9.50mins and then 5th 9.30min. Then to cruise at 10mins per mile from 6th onward.

That plan went out the door in the 4th mile. My legs started tiring out. Mentally I was fine, cardio wise I felt good. It was humid but not too crazy. I walked for a brief moment but my running partner urged me on. I kept pushing. It was a tough slug until the 6th mile where I cramped up!! My calfs were just not having any of it! I stopped and stretched, walked, then kept going. I could not push my pace at all though. It was the most frustrating thing ever — ready to run but not being able to push.

I was determined to go the distance. Had to stretch again at another point, but finally made it to 10miles. Now just 1.25miles to go…in the middle of that the cramps came back again! I tried to continue but barely. Eventually at about 11 miles I decided to walk it in.

Not happy at my results of the first test. My running sensei says it’s just because it’s my first time doing such a distance in a while. This is true. I haven’t run this distance since Vienna City Half Marathon last April. Others say I should take magnesium pills a day prior to runs. Not sure yet. Need to investigate. However, these cramps will not spoil my objectives. I will figure it out and get better.

Next week my long run is 12.75miles. I’ll likely extend it to a half marathon 13.109 miles. Only a week before the second test. Wish me luck!!

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