In today’s world where the consumer is in full control and command, every marketer needs to market so as to grow.Why else would or should you market?

To really scale and move towards escape velocity, every marketer today needs to build an engine that delivers on repeatable, scaleable and sustainable growth… or what’s called a Growth Engine.

Brand x Performance = Growth

Marketing should not be about the “Output” but the“Outcome”,however we are confusing Marketing’s Outputs from Marketing’s Outcomes.There …

Democratizing Influencer marketing and branded content.

At Ovonts the primary thought has been to simplify the complex process that Influencer marketing and/or branded content involves with context being at the core of what we do.

We started with the biggest problem statement — Identification of contextually relevant Influencer/creator.

Mediakix carried out its annual Influencer Marketing Survey in 2019. Of the marketers they surveyed, 61% acknowledged the difficulty in finding relevant influencers for a campaign.

A digital experience is an interaction between an organisation and its users (customers, employees and partners) that is enabled by digital technologies and platforms.

Digital experiences power digital transformation across processes, functions and models transforming organization’s at scale enabling customer centric companies.

Digital experiences have two key components: they use digital technologies and they provide interaction between a single user and an organization, usually a company. Mobile apps, content, websites, web apps, smart devices, digital IPs, virtual events, interactive experiences etc. all provide digital experiences to customers, partners or employees that are using them to interact with companies.

In today’s…


Influencer marketing and branded content simplified with an access to 12 million+ creators across 133+ categories.

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