5 ideas to reveal creativity in the office

‘Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.’

Edward de Bono

Creativity is the most important aspect in a work place. If a company wants to be innovative, it should give some inspiration in the work place for more out of the box ideas. Here are some examples:

1-Puzzle, game or lego corner: (fun spots)

Some assignments that employees are struggling are often because their agenda is already super busy and there is no attention for creativity left from them. Sometimes refreshing the mind with breaks can work but sometimes not. Some companies go even further and try to seek help from trainers for professional education. I think there is no need to think so complex about it. Giving attention to solve an irrelevant problem such as a game would help a lot, even can give inspirations for different approaches. Building Legos or solving puzzles can help.

2- Nap cubicles or area or hammocks:

So many researches were conducted to prove that small naps throughout the day can help brain functions and reduce stress. Especially, stress. Stress is actually a hormone which can be triggered by a variety of things. However, lacking of serotonin can play the biggest role. It happens when the left side of the brain is overwhelmed by the cooperation with right side of the brain while multitasking. Focus on one task at a time is always better for the creative flow. Short naps can make a restart effect for the brain and for serotonin hormone. Sleeping may seem as a lazy activity, but the creativity that comes after it would definitely compensate it with efficiency.

3- Technology-free meeting room: (no phone, no laptop is allowed)

Technology is very important for communicating. WhasApp, emails and other platforms related to our to-dos. Yet, sometimes meetings are not about a process. Some meetings can focus on creating solutions for a labyrinth situation or finding common grounds for stubborn stakeholders. And for these kind of meetings; approaching with empathy and considering every detail are more important skills than communicating with the out of the room. A meeting room which is without any technological devices could emphasize on attendees and their concerns more than the outside facts. This can create opportunity for more suitable solutions and synergy.

4-Changing themes for workplace: (making office a themed ballroom so that the ideas can dance)

Formal suits, shirts and black/white are not the musts anymore for business environment dress code. Blue jeans or even hoodies are okay for some companies, especially on Fridays. This Friday theme is basically a reminder of that the weekend is coming, so you can be a bit more relaxed. How about putting themes on the tables or walls or copy rooms? For instance, it can be nature theme that some items and images such as trees, grass, butterflies, squirrels, gnomes are put on surfaces. Another theme can be Looney Tunes or Harry Potter. This can give a huge inspiration.

5- Mini jogging route on the roof: (fresh air, and a little bit adrenalin)

‘Physical activity can reduce stress and boost creativity’ is again the result of many researches on neurology. After some activity brain releases serotonin hormone and we can feel our creativity on its maximum. A mini jogging route can make this magic in the workplace. Even for 10 minutes, running can make a refreshment on the body and mind. It is also good for health because constantly sitting can damage some muscle groups as well. Besides, sometimes there can be conflicts in the workplace between co-workers, jogging can help them release the negative energy. Jogging route has a lot of benefıts for the work place and all those different benefits help for creativity.