A brief message to PR professionals:

I’ve noticed a new trend lately. You’ve started signing me up to Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and other lists without my permission to hawk your crappy Kickstarter campaigns or latest internet of things shitbox.

Here’s a simple pro-tip:

This tactic doesn’t work. You are a spammer.
If you do it, I will report you to Mailchimp and your account will be banned.
Stop being assholes.

I’ll report each goddamn one

I have no beef with PR people. I like you. I have PR friends. We’re all good. But this trend is bad.

Pitch journalists like they’re humans. Don’t get thirsty. Don’t get desperate. Don’t do a thing that will piss us off. It’s a good way to guarantee no coverage at all! If we don’t reply, it’s because we’re busy, like you.

That might work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯