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Fascinated by how code and design is shaping the world. I write about the why behind tech news. UX Manager @ Shopify.

Electric cars are promised as the solution to climate change, but electric bikes are better for all of us.

VanMoof’s electric bike, the S3

iOS apps could update through the App Store, but Apple’s choosing not to

Apple’s next big update, iOS 15. Courtesy Apple.

What if more tech companies actually admitted when they got it wrong?

With its newest redesign of Windows, Microsoft wants to win back developers.

Windows 11, courtesy Microsoft

Microsoft has delivered fantastic noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones with great multi-device connectivity and rock-solid stability

Image courtesy Microsoft

It’s Apple’s world. We all just have to try and live in it.

Privacy segment of Apple’s WWDC keynote

I never really thought about ergonomics, until I started feeling pain — by then it was already too late.

Peter Vahlersvik via Getty Images

Android’s next big update will let you change colors, shapes, and more.

Meet Material You. Source: Google

How the command palette gives users superpowers

A power bar in the presentation tool Pitch.

This year’s refresh is focused on internals, so it’s what’s on the inside that counts

The Surface Laptop 4
The Surface Laptop 4
Images courtesy of the author

Owen Williams

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