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Fascinated by how code and design is shaping the world. I write about the why behind tech news. UX Manager @ Shopify.

Technology giants are fighting over who will build and control the metaverse —the supposed future virtual world we’ll all hang out in together and spend all of our time in—with Facebook even reportedly planning to go as far as rename the company to stake its own claim.

But here’s the…

Photo: Tiffany Hagler-Geard/Bloomberg via Getty Images

For years, it felt like Apple was ignoring pro users with its laptops. After the company’s ‘Unleashed’ event today, where the company unveiled the next-generation MacBook Pro, however, it’s clear that Apple is back on form — and cares about pro users more than ever.

When Apple last did a…

The iPhone 13 Pro. Courtesy Apple.

For years, I’ve been a loyal buyer of Google’s Pixel smartphones; I switched from an iPhone 8 when the Pixel 2 debuted with its fun colors and impressive camera, and owned the Pixel 3, 4, and 5–all of which were awesome, boundary-pushing phones.

But, when Apple unveiled the iPhone 13…

VanMoof’s electric bike, the S3

In a year full of an endless barrage of harrowing climate disasters, more attention is on shifting entire countries to electric cars than ever in an attempt to mitigate the damage to the climate before it’s too late.

The European Union has promised to phase out fossil fuel new car…

Apple’s next big update, iOS 15. Courtesy Apple.

For years, Apple has heavily touted the iPhone as the most secure, private smartphone on the market. Despite that claim, Israel’s NSO Group was able to compromise the iPhones of some of the most important people in the world remotely — raising questions about how secure the iPhone really is.

In late 2020, Twitter launched its Snapchat Stories clone, Fleets, to much fanfare. It promised a friendlier, easier way to share on Twitter, and potential to lower the barrier to entry for those that might be afraid to post.

Just seven months later, Twitter is killing the Fleets feature off…

Windows 11, courtesy Microsoft

For the last few years, Microsoft has been on a comeback. The company has captured the developer audience by acquiring GitHub and reviving it, as well as building the world’s most popular code editor, VS Code, and bringing Linux to Windows 10.

Despite that success capturing the developer market, however…

Image courtesy Microsoft

For the last year, most of my work day has revolved around being on calls thanks to Pandemic-induced working from home–but I’ve spent far too much of that time fidgeting with Bluetooth, trying to get my headphones to connect.

Privacy segment of Apple’s WWDC keynote

Apple’s glitzy developer conference this June, WWDC, gave us our annual peek at the latest and greatest software the company is bringing to our devices, from iOS 15 to major updates to macOS, iPadOS, and more.

This year, as with other years, privacy improvements across Apple’s operating systems were front-and-center…

Owen Williams

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