Touch Bar? Here are 5 things that would have made “Pro” users happier

Dear Apple,

Thank you for adding things no one asked for (points at the Touch Bar).

I consider myself a “Pro” user and here are 5 things that would have made me happier with the new MacBook Pro refresh.

1. A Bigger Battery

What is it with Apple’s obsession with slimmer devices? I, for one, don’t care if the new MacBook Pro is 15% thinner than the old one. It’s not a contest of beauty. Even if it was, MacBook Pro is one of the coolest laptop designs for long. What I would really appreciate is a better battery. Why not double down on this by upgrading to Kaby Lake and adding a bigger battery. I would be happier with 8 hours of heavy use on a laptop than my laptop going on a diet.

2. Easier Upgrades

“Pro” users would love to be able to upgrade their laptops and Apple has been soldering more components into the logical board and scoring the lowest numbers on iFixIt. Aftfailureer the RAM in 2012 refresh, now the SSD is soldered to the board. There is no single component that you can fix without sending your laptop to Apple, not even a simple hard disk failure, how genius!

3. More RAM

16GBs of RAM seemed pretty high back in 2012. It’s ridiculous to ship a new laptop, 4 years later with the same memory cap. I would be happier with a 32GBs (or more?) than with a shiny gimmick such as the Touch Bar.

4. A Better Screen

A deeper color gamut? That’s it? Why are we stuck with 2880x1800 for 5 years? Can you at least fix the glaring issues?

And if beauty comes before function, why not trim down the bezel? Did you guys read the news about Dell’s XPS awesome screen?

5. A Better Cooling System

My early 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina display can boil eggs. Why not design a better cooling system instead of just adding a second fan? And again, why slim down the laptop hence make it harder to add a better cooling system?

Some open questions

  1. Didn’t you guys just made a huge case on why the 3.5 mm Audio Jack is dead few months ago? Apparently not, because here it is in the laptop.
  2. Did you guys know that your mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad (which a lot of people buy for the interoperability) can no longer be directly charged using your most recent laptop? One would need a dongle for that, too.

It’s quite obvious that Apple no longer stands for the qualities it used to. Today’s Microsoft is far better Apple that Apple itself. Apple is becoming the dongle company and that’s just too disappointing.

Please get back to doing what you have always been good at: innovative and simply brilliant.