Coding for a serverless future
Jay Rodgers

The lock-in discussion is very timely. For years we have been abstracting away the underlying “products” such as RDBMS’s using a layered approach within an application architecture. How many times do we ever actually do it, and even when we do there are a whole number of other considerations and issues — just get on with it and choose a leading provider and just deliver. If the market works and we have choice then THEY will make it easy to move from Provider A to Provider B with toolsets. As Matthew Ferrin rightly says, it should be easy. But even easier for the cloud providers.

I am currently spending time looking at Google Cloud and Kafka v Pub Sub. Well I can tell you even with Kubernates, it’s a lot easier to Just Use What Google Uses (an acronym in there?).

As Thomas Watson once said, the world will only need five computers. Swap cloud for computer and there you have it.