Revolvers first utility, and IDO platform, has been announced: The Gun Range

At the Gun Range you will find fully vetted projects being launched on our anti-bot launchpad. You won’t find a safer presale than the Gun Range! A portion of the fees from the launches will be pumped back…

Wow wow wow what a day we have had! Lift off confirmed and we are off to the moon. The Revolver and Astronaut team have successfully launched Revolver Token!

The presale shot off and sold off in about 2 minutes. We knew it would be fast but 2 minutes?! Incredible!

It’s been a wild week at Revolver.

Wild but exciting, so where to begin? First we launched our telegram and the barebones of the website!

Now it didn’t stay barebones for long the team worked hard to fill it with all the exciting details about Revolver and moulded into what…

The team at revolver has watched the reward space evolve over the past few months. As much as we love it the same problems popped up. Sustainability issues, limitations in the contract lack of diversity and restrictions in choice from rewards. …

Revolver Token

A new and innovative reward token that brings and rewards you curated tokens weekly.

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