Our world has changed this week.

I feel sick, I’m scared and I’m still in shock.

Sure, I get up and I go to work. But my mind is somewhere else. I don’t understand what this means for all of us. I’m terrified of what the world will be like next January, or in 4 years, or 10 years from now.

I’m not even a US citizen. I’m a straight white male Canadian with a great job. But I’m terrified of how our friends and family will be treated because of the color of their skin, their faith, who they love, or their gender. …

Last summer we completely rebuilt our mobile web app. One of the goals of the redesign was to have a modular approach to our CSS.

After seeing the great posts by @mdo, @chriscoyier and @fat detailing how they tackle CSS, I figured we should also share how we CSS at EventMobi.

Our Front-End Stack

We use AngularJS for our front-end JavaScript framework, Stylus as our css pre-processor, and GruntJS as our build tool to put it all together. We use Nib, a CSS extension to Stylus to save us time on a few things like vendor prefixing, gradients and ellipsis.

CSS Architecture

Early on we agreed to keep our CSS as modular as possible. We looked at many different options for optimal CSS architecture, and ended really liking SMACSS. In the end we ended up using a modified version of SMACSS to fit our app, splitting most of our styles based on what template they apply to. …


Olivier Williams

UX/UI Designer at PagerDuty

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