the entrance of the museum.
“GUISEPPE ZAIS” - A LARGE LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES. This is made by oil on canvas. Giuseppe Zais was an Italian painter of landscapes who painted mostly in Venice. He was born in Forno di Canale. He was influenced in his vedute by Marco Ricci and later Francesco Zuccarelli, who helped train him.
“FALL OF MEANING” by GARY ROSS PASTRANA made up of varnish dictionary pages (2000/2008) for me, this artwork want to say that a dictionary is a full of meaning and the artist just made it a FALL of meaning. also the pieces of the artwork are pages in the dictionary that formed in leaves.
“INCOMPLETE MAN” by J. ELIZALDE NAVARRO- hard wood, plywood, mirror, 33x23.5x75cm . when i saw this artwork i just realize the incompleteness of man like lack of responsibility, lack of care and all the flauses of a man.
“SKY VIEW TOWER” by ANN WIZER (1995) mixed media- for me its just represent the high towers and skyscrapers in the world.
At the Philippine contemporary, i appreciate the artwork made by Filipinos on how they artistic they are. I want seeing their works specially paintings because i love to draw also and play pastels. this my second time visiting the metropolitan museum and i’m always looking for the artworks of Filipinos like “SANDATA NI SHIVA by LIRIO SALVADOR, “SPIDER BOY by ELMER BORLONGAN, “BASKETBOL” by EMMANUEL GARBAY, “EPILIGO by SANGGAWA, and MOTHER AND CHILD by BENCAB. tose are my favorite artworks in the PHILIPPINE CONTEMPORARY..
MET MUSEUM or the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM is a good museum to visit, you can see artworks and other works that i can’t describe what kind of artwork is it. It has a beautiful ambiance and you can feel the hospitality but there are just some visitors unlike the national museum. I will choose the national museum rather than met museum because it is the most popular museum in the Philippines. The national museum has a building for paintings called the art gallery and another building for artworks like statues and collections. There are a lot of people visiting and lot of students attending field trip from their schools. The i enjoyed visiting the two museum, a good experience and a lot of ideas I got from it. :)
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