Envion — Green Money Machine

With the popularity of crypto currency on the rise, and the need for the valuable online coins. The hobby of “mining” crypto currency has turned into a full grown enterprise. Bitcoin has just breached $8,000, with a net worth of $137BILLION!! With the raise in cost of these currencies you can be most certain people will start to innovate the ways of mining these currencies. That is exactly what this new crypto currency company is doing.

Envion is innovating and revolutionizing the way we mine. Welcome to the world of Mobile Mining Units or MMU. These units are a patented new way to mine immense amounts of currency at a low cost of energy. These mobile mining units will be able to be stationed at wind and solar power plants. With all these power plants, there is so much unused and waisted energy! So envion had stuck up deals with various power plants and have gotten the cost of power to $0.02/kWh! That’s seven times cheaper than energy in California! This is how you mine! The lower the cost to the miner the more profit that the miner gets. This is the vision of envion, an easy to use and very profitable way to mine. If at any point power cost is too much, the MMU can be packed up and moved to another plant in the matter of days!! This is something no other mining operation is able to do! In China this is the exact horror that the world’s largest bitcoin mine is falling to. Chinese government has just taken away cheep energy cost to the bitcoin mines, and the miners can’t do anything about it! They can not move their miners!

Envion will be set for sale on December 1st for pre order here: https://envion.org/en/ico/ sign up for the pre order today and get all ENV tokens for $0.70 that is much cheaper than the $1.00 that ENV will be just two weeks later! Envion will not be able to be mined, and maxes out at 150,000,000 ever to be sold. This is great because there is no way that the amount of ENV will grow out of proportion. All the money earned from the sales of ENV will be used in research and development as well as the mass production of MMU. The more units the more profit to the consumers.

Every week envion will pay out 75% of interest direct to the consumers ERC-20 wallet, the other 25% will be automatically reinvested into ENV to boost profits and to help make more MMU. I personally love this idea because I don’t have to worry myself about reinvesting! Even though I will be reinvesting more than 25%, more like 50–60% just so I grow at a faster rate. The envion team expects a 161% ROI the first year of investing. I expect it to go up and down over the years, but in the end I only see envion going up in price!

Check out the MMU here: https://envion.org/en/mobile-mining-unit/

Now before you invest in envion MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE CORRECT WEBSITE! Envion will be released on December 1st no earlier. Check the website like throughly WWW. ENVION .ORG there is a phisher site that has taken the name of envion and swapped the i and o in the link name. ENVION is the correct spelling! NOT env’OI’n make sure you check the link before you make any investment! Don’t get fall victim to a trap!

Now in other news envion is going to great heights, in the last week envion has stuck a deal with one of the four largest consulting firms! This is huge because envion now has access to hundreds if not, thousands of years combined experience in business and electricity! This will set envion on the direct path to success. Envion has only recently gotten backing from a well credited science institute of energy. The Frauenhofer Institure, and they have added two new members to the envion team! Want to learn more about all of this? Check out the websites below!

See the team: https://envion.org/en/team/

Read the news: https://envion.org/en/press/

You would be a fool to miss out on this chance. If you just invest $1,000 you will in five years have made a ROI of $17,700 that is amazing! In the ever growing world of crypto currency, why be the ones who watch other have success when you can have the success! Change your life and invest in envion!

Are you ready for the future? Are you ready… for envion