Welcoming International Entrepreneurs:
The Obama White House

It is interesting that you continue to ignore / dismiss the giant Sequoia that has been stuck in your eye since Franklin Roosevelt showed us all what smart people with both visible and hidden disabilities are capable of doing entrepreneurially. In the nineties President Clinton supported disabled business workers as did President Bush but without any infrastructural support on the part of of state and federal agencies. In the 2000'ds my friend who ran the New England regional SBA showed me a memo calling for the end of support to disabled entrepreneurs and treating us as ordinary users as opposed to other disadvantaged groups.

As the Secretary of the MA Vocational Rehab Council I supported a study of otherwise disadvantaged people with disabilities. The findings were discouraging in that disabled entrepreneurs were also not accorded equitable access to services as their able bodied peers. I then conducted a study of professionals and executives who had experienced mid career ending disabilities and found that we too had significant issues with government support as well as with re-employment in careers that they were highly qualified to work in. The shocking conclusion was that we suffered from severe work discrimination both in self employment and hiring. The support for business outcomes as well as the support for work was less than 10 percent success in both areas! The VR professionals who were queried found that this group were in the hardest to the impossible to service with VR services category. I proposed a unique solution to solve the problem for professionals as well as for supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities. Our proposal was and still is that great, capable and functional minds are a terrible resource to waste. This is especially the true case where sensible and affordable solutions are ready willing and able to be enacted if we are permitted to hold our place in line and not once again over decades to be told to step back and make room for others of unproven skills!

Before telling us to step back once again we only ask that you unlock the door to access and give us a chance to compete on a level playing field. We are ready, willing and able to compete with a little help to put our plan in place. It will revolutionize the VR system with results based employment and business development that once made us a great nation! My e-mail is mentor-one@usa.net if anyone is interested in solving the disability as a national resource problem that has been swept under the rug for more that four decades. Oh in case my case was uncertain, this solution serves both parties as well as those of us who hold to a independent / unenrolled view!

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