Setting up a strategic workflow

When I built my first website, I remember I had only a few files and a couple of folders in my development project. These were mostly single-page websites, everything was neat and quickly accessible. Later on, I started building websites with their own content management system (CMS), containing hundreds of files, from markup to scripts, libraries and stylesheets, to different sorts of media files, back-end services, and more. How do we organize and properly maintain larger projects?

At first, I had no clue how to structure an architecture that can adapt fluently to changes and future updates. I didn’t yet…

Shady blue image with a bunch of different apps

If we don’t understand the underlying factor of their intent use, the Internet and other technologies such as VR can bring us to a state of oblivion. I can imagine a day when VR packages will come with a warning label saying: “Remember that life is good on the outside. Please use this product mindfully.”

Do we still need platforms like Facebook today?

Before technology — such as the Internet — ever existed, we used to go home to relax our bodies and minds, no one outside our home could disrupt us so easily, and simply with a touch of a screen. Even when home lines were a…

Web development doesn’t have to be complicated

A couple of weeks ago, I received Anselm’s newsletter, and I couldn’t agree more with Jeffrey’s article on his arguments regarding complexity. While reading his article, I confirmed my own beliefs and concerns about the future of web development. This is also what triggered these thoughts, and why I wanted to share my side of the story about this so called “cult of the complex”.

Dream team != (is not equal to) success

I keep seeing companies bringing unnecessary complexities in web development, for the simple reason of following the standard “corporate” hierarchy team-structure. I now experienced in person how a company can be brought up to keep…

Don’t fish out for email addresses, we’re humans you know.

Your audience matters

Last night I went to watch a live performance, but unfortunately after just a few minutes into the show I felt trapped, bored, and wanted to leave. It’s most likely that I won’t attend the same show again, but it also made me realize how important it is to communicate and to tie a genuine connection with your audience. Not only that, I also believe that one has to be sincere and loyal. You can’t just think about yourself whether you’re on stage or not. We should always try our best to be neutral and emphatic towards our audience!


The advantages of building dynamic websites

The traditional way of building static webpages is long gone. In the past years, we have developed new methods to improve our workflow and make our code as efficient as possible. In turn, these have led to the most efficient creation of dynamic websites using modern front-end technologies.

A static website (or webpage) is the conventional way of developing pages using only HTML and CSS (and possibly some JS to manipulate some content). When a visitor opens your website, the content is shown as it was originally saved on the server. Nothing changes to the user. …

Turn your idea into a product that people actually use

We are all inspired by great ideas and thoughts towards which we strive to accomplish, but this doesn’t mean they will be done by the next day. If you are inspired by a great idea or you have thought about something you really want to do, you will also notice that you instantly get this urge to follow it through till the end to finally see the finished product. But how long does this feeling last? It’s these rare moments that give us such motive, and you should make use of this time before it starts fading away.

Let’s find…

Stop reading. Start coding. Share your knowledge.

It felt like I never had the courage to start. I was constantly thinking that I’m not ready yet, that I have to continue reading and make sure that when I start coding, I would have enough knowledge that would make my first website impeccable. It stayed that way until I was approached by my very first client. I was just 19-years old. I knew I had enough knowledge to build a full-fledged website, but I was afraid about how the final result would come out. I finally made the decision. I had no idea if I would be able…

What is the difference between web design and web development?

I remember in my early stages of learning web development, that I found myself confused multiple times about the differences between design and development. What are the roles of a web designer? What is involved in working with web design? Are web design and web development the same? Are they interchangeable terms with the same meaning?

The simple answer would be no. The role of each is completely different from the other. But let’s have a look into the different roles and methods, of both a web designer and a web developer.

Web design

Think about web designers as those who transform…

Oh, and I’ve been banned from Reddit.

What are frameworks & libraries?

To my surprise, my previous article went viral on Reddit and I was blown away with the response and diverse feedback on the discussion comments. I woke up in the morning to see there where over a hundred comments under the link I have submitted. At first it was a shock to read the first few comments (a lot of them were criticism), but it was an interesting discussion. There was a huge argument between developers who agreed or disagreed with my article.

This article is also a response to the previous one, and I have some more thoughts to…

Most of the people I talk with regarding the product or website that I am developing, tend to ask if I’m using any frameworks or libraries. When I say none, they usually look very surprised and ask, “Why!? It’s far easier to use a library, and it saves a lot of development time”. They make me question myself again and again, but every time I confirm that I made the right decision. Each and every single line of code that makes my product alive is written by me, by my own way of thinking, and my own creative ideas. …

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