Being an Entrepreneur through Cancer: How I’m beating chemotherapy and radiation to become a YouTube powerhouse.

Last week I posted this short video sequence on Snapchat:

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Basically, I had just had a conversation with a young couple I had met at the radiation center in Scripps, San Diego. Rarely had such conversations left me in such disarray.

These people actually believed that their lives were of SECONDARY importance to the lives of those who facilitate the cancer system. In other words, they seemed to believe that now that “they have cancer,” their lives must exist on the whims of hospital staff and medical bureaucracy.

I disagree. So I snapped about it.

At first I felt embarrassed — pompous.

I thought maybe it wasn’t my place to be so angry at people for being… people. I didn’t ask to be an entrepreneur- I was born this way. Some people are meant to live a differently. It’s not better or worse… just different.

My experience is that many people with Cancer- entrepreneurial or not- are letting the cancer system run their lives. They fall on their knees in gratitude, “thank you chemo gods for destroying my body in order to save it.”

That’s not me.

I’m extremely grateful to live In a system where I can work hard to afford the luxuries of our medical system. That said, I find it unacceptable to allow them to control my schedule with their constant scheduling errors, rescheduling, last minute technical cancellations and the whole 9.

I do not exist for the cancer system. It exists for me.

See, nurses and other medical staff aren’t used to a young person with cancer. They’re used to an older generation with cancer. They are used to military vets who say “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am.”

They are used to retired people who have nothing better to do than sit around and die from cancer.

Again… not me.

Therefore, if I can’t make an appointment- I cancel.

It doesn’t matter what the “doctors schedule” is.

It doesn’t matter if a bank holiday is coming up.

It doesn’t matter if my treatment is extended one day.

I don’t need the doctors permission.

I don’t need the doctors approval.

Not enough people value their only non-renewable resource- their time. Instead, we’re bumped around like pinballs in this elaborate pinball machine run by people who aren’t much smarter than me.

Everyday I exist to create more jobs for my community. Last year we created 17 jobs. 11 of those jobs were based inside the US. I don’t have time for cancer to push and bump and reschedule my life.

The work I do is important- our video marketing services create revenue for our clients. So much, that they often must hire more people.

Thereby creating jobs.

So I’m sorry if Nurse Jackie or Depressed Cancer Guy is offended by this post. When I got my tumor I did not read the “we own you now” letter from my insurance company. I did not surrender my will to live a meaningful life.

In fact… it’s the cancer that should be rescheduling it’s life. Not me.

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