Snapchat for retail stores & eCommerce Websites

This post comes from a comment I left on Michael Stelzner’s Facebook page. Michael is the President and CEO of Social Media Examiner- the industry’s #1 resource for all things social media and has the #1 podcast in social media with 40k downloads per month.

You can hear my interview with Michael on the SME podcast here.

But let’s talk Snapchat for a sec…

Im starting to see Snapchat as a VIP resource for businesses.

Because there is no share button or basic discovery feature, the user has to specifically want the Creators content. In other words, a business may not Snap to “go viral” or advertise, but to engage their VIP group- their Superfans- with special content (like giveaways or contests).

IE: Snapchat fans ONLY get access to a 24 hour sale. Get the code on our Story tomorrow at noon.

That Snap leads the viewer to a landing page where the user is retargeted AND SEGMENTED as a “Snapchat fan who wants the sale price.”

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Now they can be retargeted on Facebook (and GDN) where the store asks them to post pics of their purchase, LCS, and more.

So in addition to their normal social ad spent and online marketing, the brand now has a VIP track of superfans who make purchases, follow links, and (obviously) are part of the email list.

Market Potential:

GaryVee is hitting 26k views on a story. Let’s say a retail store with multiple locations could achieve half of that- for 13k. If 10% of those converted in to Superfans that’s 1.3k new purchases from existing customers in a calendar month. Even at $10.00 for a pair of earrings of something (Yes Claire’s I’m talking to you…) is ….hang on….

$10,300 in new revenue.

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