The Dragon of Online Marketing & How to Slay It Like a Roundtable Knight

As marketers and business owners our dragons are few but mighty:

Make online marketing work.

Make it affordable.

Don’t Fail.

Seems easy to say but many a’young lad have not even prevailed past the exit gates of the training hall before meeting their doom. It seems that few knights of the boardroom table have the tools needed to begin the journey.

Alas — Remarketing appeared. (The story continues but you can skip to the video if you’d like)

Stronger than Excalibur but significantly less spoken of. Remarketing gives the business owner the power to send marketing videos ONLY to people who have visited specific web pages or videos. Thus every video sent is sent to a pre qualified viewer in an order sequence conducive to your sales process.

Like a double edged sword through the heart of your marketing objectives — Remarketing, like Excalibur, enables it’s holder to strike hard. Strike true. Every time.

Thus the weapons of the enemy that so oft leave men asunder we hailed as useless. Facebook video ads saved the day and our journey into successful online marketing has been won.

Brave knight — if you choose to embark on such a journey take the first step. Watch ye this video above and begin your adventure in to Conversion.

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