Man Admits he was Wrong and Changes Opinion

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Dave Carlo, a 42-year-old man in Indiriculous, Indiana, has done an incredibly unusual thing: he admitted he was wrong and changed his opinion. Understandably, he became ostracized from his family and local community members. Since this is a rare occurrence, I interviewed Dave, his family, and community members.

“Why did you change your opinion, Dave?” I asked.

“Well, I looked at the facts: I ignored Facebook, Instagram, CNM, Dog News, and all those biased sources, then I looked for statistics and scientific journals to back up my opinions. After finding some statistics and journals to back up my claim, I thought, ‘Why stop here? What if I’m missing something and have only looked for what I want to see?’ So, I found reasons to support the other side before comparing them; I realized that the other side’s position was more solid and correct. For a moment, I thought, ‘Well, these facts must just be fake,’ but then I reasoned, ‘Now, what reason would dozens, or hundreds, of scientists and statisticians have to lie?’ So, I did what any reasonable person would do and admitted I was wrong; furthermore, I now support the other side on this issue. Unfortunately, however, being informed has cost me my life,” said Dave.

“Fascinating,” I replied, intrigued by this one-of-a-kind specimen.

Next, I talked to Dave’s wife: “What do you think of Dave’s epiphany?”

“I don’t know what has gotten into him; he has never admitted to being wrong or changed his opinion in the 20-plus years I’ve known him. That’s why I’ve decided to divorce -he just isn’t the same man I married,” she said.

“Why do you think Dave changed his opinion?” I asked Dave’s parents.

“He’s off his rocker. This isn’t how we raised him; we raised him to have the exact same opinions as us and never question them,” replied his father.

“I dropped him on his head as a baby, and I’ve always wondered if that affected him -I guess it did,” his mother told me.

“What will you do in response?” I asked.

“Disown him,” they both said without hesitation.

His father added, “We will help out our daughter-in-law and make sure he never comes anywhere near our grandkids. We cannot let him influence our grandkids, or any kids, for that matter.”

I went to Dave’s place of work and met with his former boss: “What did you do upon hearing Dave admitted he was wrong and changed his opinion?”

“I immediately drew up papers to fire him; you just don’t do that. It’s almost worse than murder! I also made sure he won’t ever find a job in this city again -as he deserves.”

Finally, I knocked on the door of Dave’s neighbor and requested a word: “What do you think of Dave?”

His neighbor thought briefly, then said, “Dave was a great friend before this. It was hard to find a fault in that stand-up guy: he was always there when you needed him. I loved hanging out with him, but now he’s lost all my respect. He’s nothing but a rotten bottom-dweller -I hope his wife gets full custody.”

Dave has lost everything he once valued because he admitted he was wrong and changed his opinion. We can, therefore, take an important lesson from this story and avoid the mistakes Dave has made. That is to stay uninformed, without facts, in denial, steadfast in your opinions, and never admit to being wrong -even if proof is in front of your eyes.




I am a solo writer. I write a variety of genres, but this account will have satires only.

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Owen James Norton

Owen James Norton

I am a solo writer. I write a variety of genres, but this account will have satires only.

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