Getting to London

The decision to uproot my life and pursue this amazing opportunity took a lot of planning and preparation. These preparations included finding our dog Jerry a temporary home, finding renters for our recently purchased condo, and mentally preparing for the upcoming journey.

Jerry is going to be living in Portland Oregon while I am away. My parents were so kind to let him stay there. While my parents are travelling this Summer, my brother Ian and the wonderful people at Tryon Life Community Farm will look after him.

Jerry on the Border of Utah and Colorado

Shortly after arriving home from my final day of work at DCP on June 5th, Jerry and I hit the road and headed west. The first night we stopped in beautiful Carbondale Colorado to visit my brother Eric, his wife Cassidy, and pup Walter. Saturday we made it to Twin Falls, Id. And Sunday the 7th we arrived in Porland. It was a smooth drive with gorgeous views of the Western landscape.

Jerry, Walter, and Enzo on the Oregon Coast. Photo Credit: Daniel Gasienca

Being on the West Coast gave me an opportunity to see friends and Family in Portland, Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Its so nice to see them and have their support going into Makers.

Photo Shot from Gas Works Park

On Tuesday June 16th I flew out of Los Angeles International Airport direct into Stockholm Sweden on Norwegian Airlines — my new favorite airline!

I met with Alex in Stockholm and we spent the weekend visiting her Swedish family and exploring the county side. We were there during Midsommar, the summer solstice, a national holiday in Sweden. The holiday consists of a lot of eating and drinking, games, singing the “Little Frog Song” and dancing around a Maypole. It was so fun!

A view from Alex’s Aunt and Uncle’s house, West of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our stay in Sweden was short, but still so much fun! We arrived in London Monday the 21st very early in the morning. At this point I am energized, refreshed, and so ready to take on Makers Academy. I am so thankful I have time to get settled and prepare for the course — self described as Oxbridge meets the Royal Marines, but for people who want to learn to code. Lets do this!