Makers Academy Pre-Course: Week 1

June 22nd - June 27th

My first week in London was not just fun and games. I had to prepare myself to code for the next 16 weeks, and Nikesh at Makers Academy did not waste time letting me know this. Monday we were sent out Pre-Course Week 1 materials along with an invitation to the July 2015 Cohort Launch event taking place on site that evening.

The event consisted of going through Pre-Course materials, resources, and expectations. We eventually made our way to the local pub “The Culpeper” to drink beer and socialize with fellow students. It was fun to hear why people decided to attend Makers Academy and to learn about their background. My first impression is that out cohort is very diverse, people have come from all over the world and have professional experience in a variety of different fields. I am optimistic that this will lead to excellent creative collaboration and teamwork.

Week 1 covered the Command Line, and the ins and outs of interacting with you computer through code. Tuesday I got down to business setting up my GitHub account, memorizing commands, and working through practice exercises. I am very relieved that we are beginning with such rudimentary topics like the Command line. Makers is teaching us the fundamental building blocks that one must master to be a Jr. developer. In my opinion this is the “Right Way” to learn how to code.

The Friday challenge “Unixoid-Challenge” consisted of 14 problems that were to be solved via the command line.

Some were pretty simple :

1. Using one command, create a directory structure “my/private/files”

Others were a bit more challenging:

13 Create another file my/private/files/first-three-env.txt and output the first three env variables from a list of all of them sorted alphabetically.

Next weeks topics include version control, git, and GitHub.