New Year, New Job, New Me

Happy 2016 everyone!

The weeks after graduating from Makers consisted of polishing the resume, tidying up my GitHub, applying for jobs, interviewing, and doing technical tests. It was stressful, worrisome, and exciting all at the same time, But I did it and I have some exciting news to share! In November I was offered and I accepted a job with Santa Barbara, California based technology company Opus Logica Inc.(OLI) I’ll be working with and learning from software gurus Brian Fox and Robert Prince., which will be an incredible opportunity for me to learn and level up skills as a software developer. OLI is involved in a wide range of projects using a number of technologies including Rails and AngularJS.

Currently I am based in Portland, Or working remotely. It is super nice living close to family and friends here. I’ve been spending time exploring the city which offers a lot of outdoor activities, art, music and beer. It also has a budding tech startup scene with an active meet up community.

In other news, I built a website for my fathers independent author collective, Interesting Authors. Take a look, buy a book, and let me know what you think!