In her six-year tenure as board member, Hillary Clinton never spoke out once about fair union practices or any of the related issues the Wal-Mart board must have discussed during her tenure.
The One Piece of Writing Every Hillary Supporter Should Read
Memo Salazar

Not what the article says. The article is based on hearsay from some of the board and what is says is ‘largely silent’ — a direct quote— which means she DID say something. So your use of the word never is a mischaracterization. Going back up a couple of paragraphs to your plea to hear you out further. I did. And you just lost me by using the nasty rhetorical trick of looking like you had a reference for an assertion and basically hoping I wouldn’t check. But I did. And you lost me. I won’t read the rest. You want to accuse someone of dishonesty? Try starting out with being honest yourself. It’s worth noting that I am currently neither pro Clinton or Pro Sanders. But I am against those who try to make out they are somehow diametrically opposed.

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