Obviously, if you know the programming languages this is easy. I dont. I do not know anything about technology. I can add a filter to my Snapchats, and I can post on most social media sites. THAT IS THE EXTENT OF IT.

How am I supposed to get a testable prototype without any prior knowledge of Photoshop, coding, or designing shit?!? I really had 2 options.

  1. Spend a whole bunch of extremely valuable time to teach myself how to code, or implement UX/UI design. OR
  2. ASK FOR HELP and pay someone else who knows those things!

The first seems easy enough but when it came down to it. I really did not have the time to learn. Dont get me wrong I tried. I learned how to build basic pages using HTML, CSS and JAVA a while back, only to find out my current Wordpress theme works much better and looks way nicer with ZERO coding.

If it worked for my underwhelming blog, than I should be able to find a ZERO-CODING way to build a simple app that can show the apps capabilities, and allow the pitch recipient to click through and investigate the idea themselves.

This is where the beautiful world of networking comes into play.

I am part of a group on Facebook, The Entrepreneur Entourage. ( Where I met an extremely talented fellow by the name of Brian Williams (keep your eye out for this one, Jony Ive) who has designed several Photoshop screenshots, which is serving as the front-end of the app, and We will be linking up all the pages/buttons using a pretty helpful little site called, Where we can collab on the most effective user-routes for this new app.

Entrepreneur ship, is way WAY more than what you know.

I had a good idea and great outreach. Entrepreneurs need each other to make shit happen. Join a Group, follow a fellow entrepreneur, and most importantly, ASK FOR HELP

You can follow me on instagram @owenthelutz where my snapchat code is available! WOO! Connect, Learn, Grow!