Oxploring the Future with Owen


The first question everyone must ask during an election is, “Why should I vote for them?” My succinct answer to that question is that is that I want to do everything in my power to ensure the happiness and success of my peers here at Oxford.

In greater detail, here are some aspects of Oxford College life that I will strive to improve, if elected:


Course Selection: My solution to the issue of students not getting into classes they desire is the integration of formalized polls (in the weeks leading up to course selection) to gauge student interest in courses. Currently as it stands, we have informal meetings with our advisors to show our interest in courses. Then, shortly after our meetings, course registration opens for students at the same time, creating a survival of the fittest type of environment. However, I propose that we make these advisor meetings far more formalized, so that the school can appropriately allocate its resources and create more classes for the most popular courses. I have met several students who have needed to take various classes as pre-requisites for their major, and cannot secure a spot in the class. With an increase in availability of popular courses, students will be nearly guaranteed to get into the classes they desire.


School Spirit: Increase enthusiasm about Emory-Oxford Eagles athletics. I understand we are a very small school, do not have a football team, etc. but we need to revamp our support for our sports teams. As a three-sport athlete in high school, I can attest to how much fan support means to a player. Looking over during timeouts and seeing your friends, classmates, teachers, etc. in the stands gives you, the player, added motivation. Supporting your school’s sports teams is a great experience for several reasons. First, it is simply a fun time. While I am biased because I love sports, attending Oxford athletic events is a unifying experience that brings our entire Oxford community together. If elected, I plan to chair the Athletics Committee and help organize promotions, concessions, among other ideas of mine that will give students added incentive to attend Oxford athletic events. Rallying around our sports teams will increase Oxford pride and further tighten our already tightly-knit community.


Easier Atlanta Access: Oftentimes, Oxford students are stranded in Atlanta and need a way back. There are times where students miss the 2 AM shuttle on weekends and must resort to finding a place to spend the night, or take an expensive Uber ride home. This is a predicament that I will aim to eliminate if elected. I would begin to address the situation by asking my peers to vote on times they would like shuttles to be made available at. After receiving feedback, I would propose a modified transportation schedule to the school for approval. If the school rejects this proposition, then I would strive to forge a relationship between the Atlanta and Oxford campuses to make a driver system called EmoryRides. How this would work is that the market would be composed of Oxford students and certified drivers (from both campuses). The rider would contact the driver in advance asking them to be picked up from a certain location at a certain time. Both parties could then exchange contact information to ensure a successful meet up. If the school endorses this system, then there could be preset prices for rides based on the time. If not, these prices could be negotiable between the student and the driver. The reason why this system could be successful is that it would eliminate the fear of not having a ride home and the fear of having to empty your wallet in order to return to Oxford. While my first proposal is certainly ideal, the second idea would serve as a nice alternative to have for those who do not want to use Uber or another more expensive ride service.


My campaign is driven by the concerns of you, my friends. These ideas are not set and stone by any means, they are just ideas of mine driven by concerns of my peers. I will do everything in my power to make the remainder of your experience at Oxford one to remember. #MakeOxfordGreatAgain #VoteLynch

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