Five moves to make this offseason

  1. Draft Joey Bosa out of The Ohio State University. Bosa has shown his talents since the day he has stepped on campus in Columbus. There are 3 reasons to draft Bosa. The first being his skill set. He has shown tremendous pass rush ability over the past two years and can help stop the run. Stopping the run for Cleveland has been an issue the past two years . Bringing in Danny Shelton has not shown to be the right or wrong move yet simply because Shelton has zero help along the line. This brings me to point number two Bosa makes his teammates better. An example of this Bosa has been consistently double and at points triple teamed throughout the 2015 season and that has made room for teammates like Adolphus Washington, Darron lee, and Rakwon McMillan to have outstanding seasons themselves simply because Bosa has freed up the room for tackles for loss and sacks. The last reason Bosa needs to be drafted by the Browns is the tradition of winning that he brings with him! He was a huge factor in the most historical class in Ohio state football history (50–4) over the past four seasons .. I know Bosa was only there for 3 of those years but even before that he played among one of the nations most elite high school football programs. There is no reason why the Browns should not take Joey Bosa with the number 2 pick in the draft.
  2. Aquire young talent on the offensive side. Josh McCown provided good numbers before breaking his collarbone this year… only problem was the Browns were still not winning games. One of the most underrated QB prospects in the draft is Stanford Quarterback Kevin Hogan he should be available in the second round and could drop lower then that. Hogan has showed he can win football games. His numbers were not the greatest this year but he showed up in big games against Oregon and Notre Dame. His strongest stat was likely his completion rating at almost 70 % . Another position the Browns need figured out is WR. So if someone like Michael Thomas from Ohio state were to slip through the cracks of the first round Cleveland should definitely scoop him up.Thomas has shown that he is Nfl ready and is the best possession receiver in college football. Another good pickup in quite possibly the fourth or fifth round could be Braxton Miller from Ohio state. Yeah this is a little Ohio state heavy but it makes perfect sense! Miller has not only shown he can catch the ball but he has tremendous athletic ability. If josh Gordon returns next season a new Quarterback would have plenty of weapons to throw to with Gordon, Thomas, Gary Barnidge, and Braxton Miller.
  3. Trade Johnny football… He has become nothing but a story line every week for Cleveland and does not seem to want to be a brown. Finding a Qb in the second or third round in the draft would not be the end of the world but I have a much crazier but could work solution. Trade for RG3. At this oooh the redskins have found their qb of the future and RG3 has seen more air time on subway commercials than on an Nfl field this season. Yes he’s struggled with injuries but he now has a chip on his shoulder and has potential to be a good pick up for a team that’s willing to risk it! Not to mention Jerry jones seems to be willing to give up something for Johnny Manziel.
  4. Find a coach that will motivate ! The debacle of Ray farmer has finally come to an end in Cleveland. His struggle with not only the nfl draft but the signing of useless free agents has caught up to him. I’m not sure which move was worse letting go of Brian Hoyer or signing Dwayne bowe. The next gm could not be worse than Ray farmer that is the good news for Browns fans. The firing of mike pettine was a move that the fans and players seemed to be feuding on but either way it was time to make a change. When I think of motivational coaches one name comes to mind .. John Gruden now the only way the Browns land him as a head coach is if jimmy haslem has a plan .. So needless to say the Browns are a long shot for him but if the idea of developing a young offense based around A player like Kevin hogan or RG3 could be appealing to Gruden.
  5. Spend free agent money wisely. If somehow Matt forte or Alshon Jeffrey make it to free agency picking up one of them would be key. Obviously the addition of Jeffrey would only be needed if the Browns fail to draft a top WR. His interest in Cleveland would only be for a huge contract but luckily the Browns can offer that they are among top 5 in the league in cap space available. Matt forte would also be a dream but Cleveland has been one of the worst rushing offenses ever sense Peyton Hillis left .. Yeah who remembers that guy. Well forte would add not only a talented runner but an extremely good pass catcher out of the backfield. The other side of this would be that he could mentor one of the brighter sides of the Browns draft last year being duke Johnson. Johnson has shown he can be a factor in the pass but with forte showing the ropes he could be much more dangerous. Other running back options would be Lamar Miller and a sleeper James Starks. Assuming the cap space is available after offensive acquisitions a good defensive player in free agency would be prince amukamara. He would provide Joe Hayden some help covering divisional opponents wideouts in Antonio brown and Aj green. These pickups are dreaming for a Browns fans but if we get one of these free agents it would be a great help to a rebuilding team