The year of the rookies and the age less wonder

This year the beginning of the NHL season has started off with a bang for the young rookies. Everyone proclaimed that it would be the year of Conner Mcdavid and Jack Eichel, Both of these young stars have both started off quite well but it seems that one young star has been left in the shadows. Max Domi of the Arizona Coyotes is quietly having an amazing rookie season. Max Domi is tied with the well known Conner Mcdavid in points (9)among rookies and both youngsters are just outside the top 25 in the league. To put this in perspective the man leading the league in points ( Jamie Benn) finished with 41 points his rookie season. If both youngsters stay on this track they will obviously surpass Jamie Benns rookie stats. The Calder trophy race is in full flight early with these two rookies leading the pack. Max Domi has the edge in my opinion right now simply because people are starting to fear the coyotes finally. Now on the opposite side of the rookies sits the age less wonder of Jamoir Jagr. The 43 year old is quietly having a huge season behind the revamped Florida Planthers. Jagr is playing with two young linemates in Jonathan Huberdeau and Nick Bjugstad. I am not sure if the Panthers are hiding the fountain of youth in the locker room, but behind Jagr the Panthers are sneaking there way into playoff contention. It has been a wild first month for the Nhl season, especially if you are a jackets fan but lets not get into that,.

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